ST Rentals

Short-term rentals (STRs) are any home rentals for less than 30 days. Typically these are 
rented through Airbnb and VRBO. We have neighborhood covenants that cover these rentals and property owners are required to comply with the covenant rules in order to maintain the beauty, safety and value of the neighborhood.
Annual payments for STRs can be paid electronically here
Section 35 of our covenants found here is copied below for your reference:
35. Short-Term Rentals (STRs). Westwood Lakes Estates was designed and built for single-family housing and is zoned as such. The POA Board recognizes that this is a volatile and changing area, and the POA Board does not want STRs to adversely affect property values or the quality of life in our neighborhood. However, because of changing market conditions and current trends, the POA Board will allow STRs, with limitations. For these purposes, an STR is defined as a single dwelling rented for less than 30 days per rental term.
  • All Lots containing Short Term Rentals (STRs) are subject to POA Board approval. The Lot owner seeking approval for an STR must complete an STR Permit Application Request Form and submit it to the POA Board. An annual Permit flat fee is due at the beginning of each calendar year. The first year that a permit is issued, this fee will be prorated, based on the calendar year quarter that the fee is issued. The fee amount will be listed on the STR Permit Application.
  • The factors the POA Board will consider when reviewing an STR Permit Application include but are not limited to:
    • Location of the STR, including how many STRs are on that street and adjacent area, proximity to other houses, etc.
    • How much off-the-street parking is available, and how it is situated.
    • How many STRs are currently operating in Westwood Lakes at the time a permit application is received by the POA Board. The intent is to limit the total number of STRs within Westwood Lakes Estates to 10 at any one time, or no more than 3 per street, although all STRs are subject to review and approval by the POA Board on a case-by-case basis, as the number of houses on each street varies greatly within Westwood Lakes, as does the layout of the lots.
  • Local Property Management is required for all STRs, which must be overseen and supervised by the Lot owner itself or a local property manager whose name must be provided to the Board through the STR Permit Application. Local Property Management for this section is defined as within 50 miles of Westwood Lakes.
  • Existing STRs as of the date this Declaration is recorded shall be allowed to remain but are required to comply with the terms of these Covenants. Existing STRs shall be included in the maximum number of STRs allowed on a street (3) and within Westwood Lakes (10).
  • All STR renters are expected to comply with these Covenants. A copy of the Covenants must be posted or provided to STR renters. There is a subset of the Covenants for tenants that may be requested from the POA Board and used for this purpose. It includes only those Covenants that are specifically applicable to tenants of STRs. The POA Board reserves the right to adopt additional rules or regulations governing STRs, but only in compliance with the POA Board’s policy on adoption of policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and guidelines attached to this Declaration as Exhibit 1, Association Resolutions.
  • The POA Board must have contact information for all STR Owners and Property Managers, in case of adverse issues or complaints arising from the tenant occupants of the STRs.
Please send your completed application to PO Box 600, Woodland Park, CO 80866. For multiple properties, you do not need to duplicate the common information.
STR Regulations
STR Permit Application